Project Rockstar is the revolutionary program led by Venture and Sterling designed to fully transform the lives of 5 men in the areas of Game, Lifestyle, and Fitness. 

Since its inception seven years ago, Project Rockstar has become a magnet for the best dating instructors, business mentors, and fitness experts to provide long-term instruction and guidance to the program’s participants (“Rockstars”) to take their ability with women, lifestyle design, and physical fitness to incredible heights.

The game component is based on the cutting edge “Simplified Natural” curriculum, developed by Venture and Sterling of Love Systems. The lifestyle component is based on the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy curriculum created by best-selling author and business mentor, Jesse Krieger. The fitness component is sponsored by sports nutrition brand, Sports Food, and consists of a customized proprietary training regimen. With the game, lifestyle, and fitness components, selected Rockstars can expect to graduate the Project Rockstar program with a roadmap for a lifestyle by their design, with the women of their choosing, and at a peak level of physical fitness.

  A word from Venture and Sterling…


Venture & Sterling

“Project Rockstar is running in its seventh year now, and each year, a handful of fortunate participants are selected to be part of the most comprehensive life transformation program ever created. The program covers all the things that go into building the ideal modern man: Game, Lifestyle and Fitness.

The game component is sponsored by Love Systems and is taught through the vehicle of the Simplified Natural curriculum we’ve personally developed. It’s a style of game that’s predicated on genuineness, masculinity, and just being a cool guy, and it’s something that’s made a big splash in the dating community (check out reviews of Simplified Natural from previous year’s Rockstars here – PR2012 Simplified Natural reviews; also check out a Q&A about Simplified Natural here – Simplified Natural Q&A). It’s not about manipulating women, rather, we’ll build your character, help you discover your sense of self, and redefine your masculinity in a way that makes you naturally and permanently attractive to high-quality women.

“If you are selected for Project Rockstar, one thing is guaranteed: We will change your life in one summer more than you ever thought possible.”
 Sterling, Lead Instructor

The lifestyle component is sponsored by Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy, based on the best-selling book, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, and led by author and business mentor, Jesse Krieger. Jesse has put together a program that guides entrepreneurs through the step-by-step of building a business that fits into various types of lifestyle design. We have him on board to work directly with the Rockstars to develop and launch business ideas that they’ll develop over the summer. Separately, we’re also having Affiliate Week, where a team of some of the highest-grossing affiliate marketers in the world come in to teach an exclusive week-long bootcamp on internet marketing. These guys are ridiculously successful and we’re so pleased to have them on board.

The fitness component is sponsored by Sports Food, one of the coolest new sports nutrition brands on the market. The guys at Sports Food are designing a customized training regimen for the 12 weeks leading up to the kickoff date for Project Rockstar 2014. It’s all inclusive and consists of a customized diet/nutrition plan, supplementation stack and schedule, and weight-training/cardio workout regimen. Thanks to Sports Food, guys who have been skinny their entire lives will get built and guys who have been overweight will get lean and cut. It’s safe to say that under the care of Sports Food, the guys accepted onto the program will be stepping into Project Rockstar in the best shape of their lives.


At the start of Project Rockstar last year, we told the Rockstars that they would not be able to recognize themselves by the end of the program. Truer words could not have been spoken. Here’s what some of last year’s Rockstars have to say about their experiences: 

Jennings A: Project Rockstar is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Bottom line: hooked up with more girls than I ever thought possible, improved my confidence immensely, improved my confidence dealing with people, am able to relate to men and women more easily, sparked a warm passionate side of me that hadn’t come out often previously, and made some friendships with top-rate people that will last probably a lifetime, and formed bonds with a few girls that will last hopefully years to come. It’s been worth every penny, and worth the time away from work. As a result of Project Rockstar, my future unborn children will be more attractive, more socially adjusted, more successful. Best 9 weeks I’ve ever spent.

Mike P: Participating in Project Rockstar was easily one of the most important things I’ve done in my life. If you’re considering rockstar, all I can say is: do it. Do what you have to do financially, job-wise, time-wise, or otherwise to make it happen. Put a shit ton of effort into the application to have a decent shot of getting in. It’s one of the most important things you’ll ever do and it’s worth every bit of time and money. There’s simply no alternative way to get the transformative learnings in game, lifestyle and fitness that you will gain through this program.

Dougie B: In retrospect, it doesn’t feel like this summer was real in some ways. Rockstar was well-worth it for me. It saved me from living a life that I didn’t want. I made some amazing friends, had some great connections with beautiful women from all over the world, and discovered a life that I didn’t think was possible.

Ehrken K: I haven’t had an experience like this… ever. For those of you reading this, you can take it from me, Rockstar is the place for you to take your life to the next level. Change can happen. I went from having zero success with women to having an abundance of options thanks to Sterling, Vici, and Venture. The Project Rockstar experience was incredible and something that I will cherish in my life forever. I faced my fears, leaned into my edge, pushed my limits, and experienced things I never thought possible for myself. I grew, I changed, and I developed as a person.

Philip B: During our interview for Rockstar, Sterling told me that Rockstar will redefine what I thought I was able to do in life, and he was totally right. There’s only one caveat I can think about: Your life expectations and standards will raise so much after Rockstar that for most of us, there’s no coming back. You won’t be able to come back to your old life, job or relationships without feeling unfulfilled.

Noor H: Rockstar has been a world shattering experience for me. I learned so many things about myself this summer. I want to say one thing that is absolutely sincere: I will put Project Rockstar up against any prestigious program in the world. Whether it’s the Harvard MBA program, John Hopkins medicine, or Yale law, Rockstar is more valuable and life-changing than all of them combined. It gives you something that you can’t find anywhere else. It has been a deeply emotional ride. I have learned so much about myself and am utterly grateful for the experience. This was the best goddamn summer of my life. I will remember it always.

Matan A: Saying that Rockstar changed my life sounds like a cliche, but that’s exactly what happened. In many ways, these 9 weeks were the best of my life. There’s nothing in the world similar to project Rockstar. Even the most prestigious universities in the world cannot give you the amount of social skills, game and network we gained in only two months. Thanks you Venture, Sterling and Vici for the best summer of my life.

Carter A: Man, rockstar this year was a fucking fairytale yo. Rockstar changed the path of my life…i don’t mean it in the cliche way people normally say it. To the reader- trust me its worth it. Every fucking penny. Rockstar is a window into whats possible in life.

The full reviews for Project Rockstar 2013 can be read here (PR2013 reviews).

We’re extraordinarily proud of the program we’ve put together and have seen year-in year-out the effects it has on everyone involved. We were all invariably changed for the better because of Project Rockstar – instructors, assistants and Rockstars alike – and couldn’t be more excited at the thought of having another go at it this year. As with each years’ group of Rockstar participants, a unique bond has been forged between us based on years worth of amazing experiences and growth experienced in such a condensed period of time.

Throughout this time as a Rockstar, you’ll live with us, party with us, and grow with us. If you’re selected, your life will be forever changed. Hundreds apply each year but only a fortunate few are accepted. We look forward to going through the applications and meeting you guys over the coming months. For those that are selected, this summer will be nothing short of unforgettable.”

Venture & Sterling

A word from the Rockstar alumni…

We gathered a few of the Rockstars from the past couple years and put some questions their way about what their experience on Project Rockstar was like and the effect it’s had on their lives. Check out what they had to say here:



The Project Rockstar Experience…

Game: The game component is sponsored by Love Systems. Selected Rockstars will live with each other and amongst instructors for the duration of the program and will spend their days and nights learning the Simplified Natural curriculum – the long-term training program developed by Venture and Sterling, which focuses on rediscovering one’s masculinity. Simplified Natural teaches all aspects of how to meet attractive women through a filter best described as “natural and genuine.” Game is taught in a manner where it naturally integrates with being normal and having fun from the get go, and most importantly, just being a cool guy.

Project Rockstar

The game component of Project Rockstar will be a blend of seminars, debriefs and in-field practice. Most importantly, the group will spend almost everyday going out and meeting women during the day and night under the instruction of Love Systems instructors. Project Rockstar is an an opportunity for Love Systems to showcase the full extent of the power of its teachings, and to serve as a vacuum for instructors to further develop and innovate dating technology.

“Project Rockstar will be the greatest and most transforming experience of your life.”  Vici, Core Instructor

Over the course of the summer, it is almost certain that each of the Rockstars will hook up with girls hotter than they ever have before, pull quicker than they ever thought possible and do it all in situations that would have once seemed unimaginable. More importantly, the Rockstars will build genuine connections with girls from all over the world, and will likely feel for the first time that they are finally getting girls that are worth their while. In doing this, the Rockstars will become attuned to a part of themselves and their masculinity in a way they will wish they’ve always known.

Lifestyle: The lifestyle component is sponsored this year by Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy, a business development program created by best-selling author and business mentor, Jesse Krieger. The Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy curriculum will guide the Rockstars towards developing business ideas that cater to various types of lifestyle design, namely ones defined by freedom and control – traits which fit hand in hand with the Rockstar ideals.

Jesse is a Project Rockstar alumnus and graduated from the first ever Project Rockstar in 2008. Prior to being selected for Project Rockstar, Jesse was a Vice President at a leading technology investment bank in San Francisco. Once the program concluded, he realized that the keys to an amazing life lay not just in having “money,” but by having “time and money.” Since then, Jesse has launched a successful career as a serial entrepreneur, and has designed a lifestyle which allows him to constantly travel the world while running his network of businesses from his laptop.  Jesse will be working intensively with the Rockstars on a one-on-one basis to define the lifestyle they are each seeking, while concurrently developing a plan, and providing the skill sets to achieve it.

“As an alumni of Project Rockstar, I can say nothing has had a greater influence on my life”  Jesse Krieger, Business Mentor

The lifestyle component also includes Affiliate Week. During Affiliate Week, we bring in a handful of the world’s top-grossing affiliate marketers to lead an intensive interactive bootcamp covering the fundamentals of internet marketing and how to be successful at it. The affiliate marketers the Rockstars will be working with are a group of financially successful individuals that lead incredible lifestyles – lifestyles which embody the ideal of being able to be wherever they want, whenever they want.

Fitness: The fitness component is sponsored by sports nutrition brand, Sports Food. It isn’t coincidence that the guys who get the most socially successful have a combination of great game and top-notch fitness. Beyond just looking good, being in good shape is fundamental towards feeling like a man, building real confidence, and naturally feeling as though you deserve to be with attractive women. All the Rockstar instructors are in phenomenal shape, and they’ll get you there too.


OverallPR2013 Rockstar Alumus, Brandon D.

The selected Rockstars will be put on a Sports Food designed mandatory training program for the 12 weeks leading up to Project Rockstar. The training program includes a supplementation schedule, a strict nutrition/diet plan, and a weight-training/cardio regimen. A Rockstar Facebook group will be formed during the training program for the Rockstars to post individual progress and to provide group motivation and support. The Rockstars will be rigorously tracked during the fitness program to ensure they are meeting fitness standards and goals.

“Game. Lifestyle. Fitness. In a nutshell, that’s what Project Rockstar is all about.”  Sterling, Lead Instructor

Project Rockstar 2014 will take place in…

Las Vegas (USA): Project Rockstar will kick off in Las Vegas. There is no better place to break in the program and carry out the initial hard yards of deep self-development. Vegas is one of the few places in the world where one can go out every day like it’s a Saturday, and the city is constantly refreshing itself with a multitude of successful people. The venues are world class, the girls hot and friendly, and there is a layer of raw energy which threads through the environment. The Vegas atmosphere will serve as a catalyst to the learning process and as a cornerstone in rediscovering and nurturing the raw masculinity in each Rockstar.

Las Vegas

On the game front, the focus of Las Vegas is to develop the best foundational fundamentals of attracting beautiful women. That means no lines, no routines, no gimmicks – just stuff that works, is normal, and focuses on being a cool guy. The Rockstars will be asked to wipe the canvas free of anything they’ve previously learned to allow for the best possible foundation to be formed. They are then put through the gauntlet of the full Simplified Natural curriculum by Sterling and Venture during a special 10-day bootcamp.

On the lifestyle front, Las Vegas will also be the kickoff point for the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy curriculum. The Rockstars will be trained intensively by Jesse Krieger on what it takes to build a entrepreneurial venture around the concept of lifestyle design. Jesse will intensely work with each of the Rockstars on a group and individual basis to flesh out business ideas and launch the initial stages on their entrepreneurial visions.

In the day, the Rockstars will be hitting the Las Vegas dayclubs. Dayclubs are phenomenal. Catch a glimpse of Marquee Dayclub in full force here:

Summer nights in Las Vegas spell XS Night Swim. The hottest chicks in town flock to XS Nightclub at the Wynn every Sunday night over summer in their best bikinis, where the pool is fully open and top-tier resident DJs spin fresh beats.

Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas): At the mid-point of Las Vegas is the Electric Daisy Carnival. The Electric Daisy Carnival (“EDC”) is North America’s biggest electronic dance music festival. 180,000 party goers head to the Las Vegas Motor Raceway for a weekend of crazy partying. Festival gates open at dusk and the party rolls through till sunrise for three consecutive days.

Electronic dance music has taken off in America over the last couple years, and at EDC 2014, the Rockstars will be at the very heart of it. The music is top notch, the people are beautiful, and pretty much anything goes. EDC 2014 marks the first break in the Project Rockstar 2013 program. The Rockstars and instructors will surely be hooking up with hotties at the festival, but the focus is on building stronger bonds and having a badass time together.


Rockstar Roadtrip (Official Break): Coming off 4 hard weeks in Veags, the Rockstars will be given a well-deserved break. We give the Rockstars the opportunity to plan where they want to go amongst themselves for a week, and once everything is set, the instructors and Rockstars temporarily part ways. The Rockstar Roadtrip is meant for the Rockstars to take a vacation away from having to work on self-improvement and provides the opportunity to get to know each other better and to build stronger bonds without instructor oversight. Last year’s Rockstars rented beach houses in Croatia and dipped into Berlin, the year before was a Rockstar surf trip to a beach town in northern Canada. When collecting feedback, almost all the Rockstars last year sited the Rockstar Roadtrip as one of the major highlights of the summer.

Road Trip

Stockholm (Sweden): Project Rockstar travels the world to new destinations each summer, but one thing is certain, we always come home to Sweden to finish it all off. There is no question, Sweden is a modern day utopia. It is the epicenter for the recent explosion in electronic music across America, it houses the hottest girls in the world (the majority of the population is blonde and natural beauty is assumed), and the nightlife is absolutely banging in the summer. Plus, 20+ hours of sunlight!


On the Lifestyle front, Sweden will be home to Affiliate Week. During Affiliate Week, the Rockstars will work with a handful of the world’s highest-grossing affiliate marketers. The Rockstars will be intensively trained in the foundational fundamentals of what it takes to be a successful internet marketer and then will be paired into smaller groups to launch their very own internet marketing campaigns, under the guidance of the affiliate mentors. As participants of Affiliate Week, the Rockstars will also be granted membership to some of the industry’s best affiliate networks, many of whom typically have exceptionally low acceptance rates.

Partying in Sweden:

By Sweden last year the stories started to get wild – one Rockstar hooked up with a cover model in a hotel bathroom stall that he met on the street earlier in the day, another hooked up with yet another cover model when he met her on the street while she was with her mom, and a third Rockstar stole a girl away from a professional NHL player at a party in the NHL player’s own home. Antics aside, Sweden is the perfect place to culminate the Rockstars’ hard work, to celebrate bonds built, and to finalize the gears of change put forth at the start of the program.

“Our goal is to put you in front of some of the most successful people in the world to grow your confidence and expand your experiences.” – Venture, Lead Instructor

Project Rockstar participants will…

  • Live with Love Systems instructors – get 24-hour access for the summer to many of the greatest dating coaches in the world.
  • Become thoroughly versed in applying Simplified Natural, the cornerstone long-term training curriculum developed by Venture and Sterling, which focuses on integrating natural game and genuineness with all aspects of Love Systems teachings.
  • Develop and launch the initial stages of an entrepreneurial business venture with the guidance of the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy curriculum.
  • Build a fundamental foundational understanding of internet marketing through Affiliate Week, as taught by some of the world’s leading affiliate marketers.
  • Ingrain a deep understanding of fitness and nutrition and reach peak physical condition through the Sports Food sponsored training regimen.
  • Delve deep into the principles behind the methodology of success. As a project spanning the summer, Rockstars are taught not only the methods for success, but the principles that drive them, allowing for a greater understanding and the ability to ingrain those principles into their core, placing them on the path to becoming true experts themselves in the fields of game, fitness and lifestyle development.
  • Join the Project Rockstar Alumni, a global network of motivated, successful, high achievers and most importantly, friends. Former graduates and instructors include professional surfers, music producers, Wall Street investment bankers and traders, tech magnates, commercial airline pilots, management consultants, writers, various ranges of entrepreneurs, fashion moguls, real estate investors, actors, scientists, and more.
  • Project Rockstar Alumni are typically invited to participate as mentors on future Project Rockstar and Love Systems programs.
  • Aside from sponsor fees, the instructors, mentors, and assistants are providing their time for free. This is a training program with a value so great it would be hard to put into monetary terms, though it comes to about $200,000. You will be learning from some of the very best who have built lives that most people only dream of. Their services, training and mentorship are provided at no charge.



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