Complete Life Transformation
Simplified Natural Bootcamp
Here’s what you can expect from the 10-Day Simplified Natural Bootcamp:
  •  5 nights of infield training* — You’ll join the core instructor team (Andrew, Blake, Tanner and guests) at the best bars in New York City. Where you’ll be meeting some of the hottest women in the world. Each night we’ll work on different aspects of your inner and outer game, to really hone it in and make a lasting change in your social skills. 
  •  Infield demonstrations from the instructor team — You’ll see firsthand how the instructor team meets and attracts an abundance of women into their life. See what it’s like to have a naturally attractive lifestyle with an abundance of women where ever you go in the world.
  •  5 Infield debriefs from your nights out — Our instructor team will break down your night out with personalized feedback to cut your learning curve.
  •  10-Days of inner game seminars — Over the 10 days we’ll build you a rock-solid foundation of inner game. So you become a naturally attractive man with quality women who are chasing YOU. 
  •  10-Days of outer game seminars — Once we give you the solid inner game foundations, we’ll add layers of the sharpest most refined Game tactics to help you meet and attract some of New York’s finest women…
  •  4 ‘Secret’ Activities* — The instructor team will take you into New York for 4 secret night activities. The goal of these activities is to unlock the man that is within you so you can discover your true potential. In dating, in business, in relationships and in LIFE!
  •  Plus much, much more… 
  • *Note: Las Vegas programs feature 5 intensive infield nights out with an instructor, and 4 'implementation nights' where the instructor team will be present, but will not be working 1 on 1 as for the intensive nights. The Vegas program substitutes the Secret Activities for additional nights out.
And you’ll receive the following bonuses: 
  •  BONUS 1: Rockstar Online Prep Course ($3,000 value) We’ll help you get ready for your program so that you’re primed and ready for a MASSIVE life transformation on your 10-day program.
  •  BONUS 2: Post Bootcamp Integration follow up call ($500 value) You’ll follow up with the core instructor team to make sure you are implementing your learnings from the boot camp and that you’re still moving forward
  •  BONUS 3: Project Rockstar 12-Week Fitness Program ($500 value) The 12-week fitness program is GUARANTEED to get you in the best shape of your life and give you the most attractive masculine body you can imagine.
  •  BONUS 4: Rockstar Fashion transformation with Alexander ($250 value) Rockstar fashion consultant Alexander developed a full proof system to improve your style and upgrade your fashion regardless of your age or body shape.
  •  BONUS 5: Tinder Best Practices & Online Dating 1 Hour Audio ($500 value) How to use Dating Apps to your advantage and meet women. We’ll help you set up your profile with best practices so you can crush it online.
  •  BONUS 6: Andy’s SNL Teaching Notes ($1000 value) We don’t always have enough time to go in depth over all the GOLD Andy has brought to the program, so you can come into the 10 day primed with some timeless teaching for same night lays.
  •  BONUS 7: PR2012 and 2013 Text Exchange Product (200+ Pages) ($1,000 value) In 2012 and 2013 we made it mandatory for every Rockstar to log down any text message chain they had that lead to a date or meet-up. We’ve included them all within these two books. Each book is 100+ pages. We’ve never sold this to the public, it’s always been internal within Rockstar.
  •  BONUS 8: Lifetime Access to Project Rockstar Open Weekend ($2000 value) Join us for seminar and at some of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas as we open the door to Project Rockstar to you for a demo weekend in Vegas. 
  •  BONUS 9: ‘FUNNY STUFF’ thread raw text file archive ($500 value) Each year on Rockstar we have a thread dedicated to funny things we’ve said. It’s the perfect primer for getting into a fun and flirty place.
  •  BONUS 10: Priority early application for Rockstar 2019 & 2020
  •  BONUS 11: Early application for our Exclusive Immersion Programs
PLUS you’re covered by Andrew’s 100% money back guarantee... 
Interested? Let's chat and see if it's a good fit.
Send an email to andrew@projectrockstar. No sales pitch, just a casual chat to see where you're at and give you a good idea what the program will be like for you.